[#] Welcome Challies.com readers!

This morning we have apparently been named "King for a Week" at Challies.com, so the readers are wandering over to see what the fuss is about. For those readers, I have assembled a "best of" centuri0n post in order to get them a flavor of what goes on in these here parts.

For example, we were deriding George Barna's inept ecclesiology before it was fashionable.

A couple of weeks ago, we examined Bono's motivations for meeting with President Bush and wondered what exactly he thought he was doing.

We have an on-going series regarding baptism and what it means to the church and the believer. We have also covered briefly the question of baptism and its meaning between denominations.

And before you think all we do is twaddle on about theology here, we also have fun. Usually at someone else's expense. Sometimes at the expense of my family and me.

So welcome -- take a look around. Bookmark as you see fit. We love new readers. Nice to see you.