[*] It's a ZERO, not an "o"

I just got an e-mail from a fellow blogger, and he attached to that e-mail a couple of notes he has gotten in the last few days from someone at "carm_centurion@yahoo.com" who is calling himself "Frank Turk".

Yeah -- I know: what are the odds? However, this very alert blogger suddenly realized that he had been spoofed and e-mailed the notes to me. I am waiting for his comments on the matter to post the contents of the e-mail here at the blog, but let me ask you: did this person honestly think the truth would not come out?

We may never know who tried this stupid stunt, but given the contents of the e-mails, I'll bet it comes down to a relatively short list. Will the person responsible step forward? If not, why not?

Stay tuned. It's been a very dramatic week.