[?] Tech Notes

In no particular order:
  1. Those who have had trouble with my RSS feed should have little or no trouble now. My Atom-to-RSS converter went south some time since it was set up, and now I am using a new one which, God willing, will not go belly up. get the new link in the sidebar. Enjoy your text browsing -- you'd think it was 1987 or something. Anyone for a game of "Rogue"?
  2. Those of you using IE 6.X are undoubtedly wondering where the "shopping cart" I keep yammering about is. IT'S IN FIREFOX, YOU CRETINS. IE 6.X apparently cannot render div's positioned at a negative relative position, even though Firefox for PC can, and even MOZILLA for MAC OS 9.X (1.0.X) can. Maybe somebody at MS is on vacation.
  3. I think I owe you people an update on the archive by subject. I'll try to work that out this week so you can catch up if you've been ill or busy or getting inducted into the police academy of something.
Back to your work. Enough geek-speak. I have a U6 soccer tournament to win tonight and Anne Rice's new book turned up at the bookstore today. I won't sleep tonight, but I won't care.