[*] Willy Wonka's emotional candy box

Sociologist and Philosopher um Chocolateer uh Swashbuckling Pirate Actor and Ex-pat Johnny Depp is very fussy at the media for the way they have treated Kate Moss.
"No. 2 was just being appalled and shocked at the kind of vicious attacks," Depp said in an interview Friday with a British morning TV show.

"She's super sharp, really smart and (has) got a great heart. She's a good mum, and she just happens to be human, and the press wouldn't allow that, and that's unforgivable."
Just to be sure, Ms. Moss was caught by the British press snorting cocaine in public. If the supermodel had, instead, been a single mom who was a factory worker and was snorting cocaine in public and was caught by a news camera doing so, it is likely that she would have lost her job, her child would be in social services or (in the worst case) a foster home, and she's get jail time.

Perhaps Edward Scirrorhands ought to get out more often from his villa in France. She got a little bad press -- and she's still working. I realize that it is hard to deal with real life and the extraodinarily-stupid things people will do to themselves and their kids, but you know what? Most "human" people don't just go out and snort coke as if it was their entitlement -- most single parents work like fiends to make ends meet. They may be "human" and imperfect, but they are not careless and self-indulgent. And if Ms. Moss's emotional candy box got a little jumbled because she had to live with (some of) the consequences of her actions, I say "good".