[$] Google "quit prosapologian"

Somehow I come up when you do that.

The problem is you can't "quit" prosapologian: you have to die or get bodily assumed into heaven to "quit" pros.

... and who would want to quit? I love those people (except for Red), and "quitting" would somehow indicate that there's a problem or an issue.

I have no issues. Well, that's not true -- I have issues, but not with #pros. Dr. White has been a friend to me for a while, and the other channels ops are just peachy. They're like evil bandiwdth chibis waiting to torment me for a laugh.

So when you Google "quit prosapologian" and this blog comes up, go look for trouble someplace else.

There's something else that may startle you, speaking of Google: I am not Dr. Frank R. Turk. Dr. Turk is a world-famous expert who is associated with the national Association of the Deaf (pictured at the right). He's a reputable person. I am the guy with the Bugs Bunny eyebrow. I know that you might mistake Dr. Turk for me if you were somehow under some nefarious influence, but to keep the record clean, we need to dispell the rumors.