[$] Monkeyman & O'Brien

Listen: you really do not understand what classic comic book story telling and art is until you have read some Monkeyman & O'Brien. Art Adams is a genius, and while this was never really a big hit on the scope of Spiderman or Batman, the misadventures of Ann and Axwell in trying to find Ann's dad ... priceless. Completely priceless.

There was the Gen13 crossover where Ann gets transported into the "evil" universe where she's not a heroine but a freak magistrate in a cruel empire -- a lot like the Start Trek "evil universe" episodes. Then there's the her wicked stepsister Oniko, and that weird monkey head that came into this world when Axwell stepped through the dimensional artifact.

Not to mention all the cool monsters. I'm telling you: you're missing out. Go to your local comic shop and demand the trade paperback. The art alone is worth it.