[#] If nobody minds ...

... I have to get back to managing manufacturing capacities for the next 18 months for the sake of keeping a couple-three hundred people domestically employed for the foreseeable future. EDIT: I just got 2 e-mails a-fear'd that I was taking an 18-month hiatus; what I am doing is getting an 18-month manufacturing plan together, which will take a few days. Climb down off the ledge and have a glass of water, please. You can play 7 Sevens while I'm gone, or you can read Steve Hays' blog, or you can scold me for the single post in the last week which Phil Johnson thought went too far (AHA! If Phil is turning on him, there must be blood in the water!), or you could just launch iTunes and cool out. You could also pray about the headache I am having. It feels like someone hit me that the base of my skull on the right with a rolling pin. (do not ask how I know what that feels like)

Or you could roam the streets of SoCal looking for the punk whole stole Pecadillo's CDs and car stereo. That would be cool.

I gotta go.

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