[%] Drudge Dread

before I say anything, this is what I just screen cap'd at Drudge. Pay special attention to the blue text:

See: I thought that Andy Rooney was an educated person who had a somewhat-shrewd view of the human condition even if it wasn't a Christian view of the human condition. Dude: you call someone who calls himself an "African American" a "negro" -- you fat rich white guy -- and see if it's a "perfectly good word".

I think the left has nothing left, and now all their icons are staggering around wonder what they just wasted their lives on. Even if Bush's popularity stays in the sink-hole for the next 12 months, it'll be hard with friends like this one for the blue-staters to make the case that they care about anyone.

UPDATED: that little media junkie Political Teen apparently has the audio. We hate him for being so well linked, but this is priceless. And WordPress, as of this posting at about 2:30 PM CT, has been overwhelmed by Drudge clickers, so give it an hour or so before ou try to listen for yourself.