[#] oh It's REAL. It's REAL!

So I've been blogging here about Michael Spencer, whom I have called a fraud, for what? A year? 57 weeks? On no: it's been about 6 calendar days. Anyway, I'm blogging about this fellow who says has said in the past has removed, posted and then password-protected essays about his somewhat-radical views about his own life and the church, and I think I have taken a pretty hard-line stand about his views.

And in that, that's really a day at the office for me. I take hard-line views. I hate it when Mormons say that their religion is "just like" mine. I hate it when people trade in their theological foundations for "pastoral theology". I hate it when popular pastors misrepresent the Gospel because they didn't finish seminary or possibly missed a week when the Prof was talking about soteriology. And when I say "I hate it" I do not mean "I hate them": I mean I hate that action.

So I have a problem here on Monday that those of you who are here trying to see where the squabble against iMonk is going to go are going to love: Jonathan Moorhead loves UFC. He loves it!

Should I de-blog-roll him? Excoriate him for his fleshly weakness? Complain that he is a hypocrite? Or should I invite him, Scott from Fide-o, Pecadillo, PyroManiac and some of the other "Truly Reformed" for Nachos and 7-Up to watch Ultimate Fight Night on January 16th instead of having our scheduled convocation of the Truly Reformed sinister international cabal?

I'm conflicted. Whatsoever shall I do?

UPDATED: We would also invite James White because James apparently feels left out of my social calendar. The cause is my own fault, and rather than apologize profusely with an empty hand, let there be nachos and soda pop as an offering of fellowship.