[#] bread with nutter

You read the "I'm a nutter" post, right? You didn't? Go back and read the "I'm a nutter" post.

You may not understand this yet, but I wanted to note for the record that what I am doing this week is not bashing Hugh Hewitt. What I am doing is answering a question asked by a person in my meta in and a few e-mails: "How do you create good will for Jesus?" It is an interesting question which I think is deeply flawed. However, I think it requires a lot of context to answer it completely.

In the meantime, I want you to think about this: what is the Gospel? I know -- one-note tune and you've heard it before. Don't hit shuffle on your iPod yet because I'll bet you have never applied the Gospel to the question of "good will" before.

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I also wanted to add: David Gregory, I revoke my proxy, and if I can take back Helen Thomas, too, let this be the day.