[*] I had no idea ...

While I was waiting for Antonio to decide if he could answer a direct question about the relationship between baptism and faith, I got an e-mail from a fellow troublemaker which pointed me to the following image:

Now, at first blush, I had no idea what this thing meant. So, after donning a HazMat suit and an air tank I pointed my browser at BHT to see what exactly the hub-bub was about.

Did you know that the BHT has rules? They are interesting rules, to be sure -- like "If you are a legalist or a sensitive type, you are probably not going to be very happy here". It's one of those things where you read, catch your jaw before it hits the desk to avoid bruising, and read some more, etc., until you simply place a pillow and a towel under your jaw to allow it to hang free, agape (that "uh-GAYP", not "uh-GAH-pey"), in drooling wonder.

But rule 40 is apparently it's own beast:

40. ALL links from, ALL quotes from and any comments about the BHT or its fellows (and their blogs) taken from the sites listed are prohibited at the BHT. This does NOT mean these blogs cannot be mentioned or topics at these blogs discussed, but ALL links from and ALL quotes from these blogs and any comments CONCERNING THE BHT or its MEMBERS (and their blogs) are prohibited. [Fide-O, Triablogue, Centuri0n, Pyromaniacs, Alpha and Omega Ministries, Calvinist Gadfly, Doxoblogy]

In nomine patri, et filii, et spiritu sancti, a-mayn. I am certain that, for example, Purgatorio is highly offended that he didn't make the list, and my sidekicks JIBBS and Gummby are going to have to restrain the rabble from storming Danish embassies over being omitted from Rule 40, but we will have to work harder, I guess, at bringing them up to par.

What is especially interesting about this rule is how it sits in contrast to, for example, Rule 7:

People's feelings can get hurt (though we might hate to admit it.) And it usually happens because you are immaturely upset that someone holds a different opinion than you, or you forget that discussing opinions doesn't involve making personal judgments about people you only know on the other side of a monitor. It's conversation, not sport.

You see, it's about you, not about them, and you must be immature if you take offense to their use of thinly-veiled profanity or heterodox views of the church or ministry.

Rule 40. Just when you think that the blogosphere is going to get boring between the change in seasons, there's always something new to keep things lively.