[#] A stone's throw away

Eventually, Mark Driscoll is going to do something which is going to make me rethink my concerns about him. This comes pretty close. When you click the link, make sure you scroll down to his comments to McLaren.

I wish I had the link to his original criticism. I'd love to read it.

UPDATED: Thanks to alert readers Carla and Richard, we have Pastor Driscoll's rant, about which I have a few things to say:

(1) Apparently, Pastor Driscoll is new to the field of polemics. I personally welcome him to the field.

(2) Being new to the field, he is somewhat exuberant in his exercise of the tools of the trade. Most new polemicists are.

(3) I agree with everything he said, and would only offer that I might not have said it that way. For example, his closing sentence -- and remember who's saying this -- is way over the top. However, if this is what Pastor Driscoll thinks about God's law -- that is, that we cannot rightly preach the Gospel unless we rightly discern God's law -- then I stand by him and with him in asking his particularly pointed question to Brian McLaren, and I'm dying to read what McLaren's going to say.

Lastly, if Pastor Driscoll is reading this, or has read my critique of his book Radical Reformission, and would like to interact on the way his position here might impact some of the things he said there, I'm game.