[%] Hewitt: he's like Harvey Dent

After almost a week of complaining about Hugh Hewitt, I just want to keep the whole discussion in perspective. He had this interview yesterday with Alan Dershowitz.

Let's be honest that I generally can't listen to Prof. Dershowitz talk for more that 30 seconds before I'm ready to blog, but as Hewitt points out there must be something wildly and implausibly wrong when honest-to-Reagan conservatives and Prof. Dershowitz find themselves in unqualified agreement on some issue. The forced resignation of Larry Summers at Harvard is apparently one of those issues, and this interview is top-shelf on the subject.

That's where perspective comes in. My complaints about Hewitt -- which you can find here, here and here -- really are balanced on the notion that Hugh Hewitt is generally a competant journalist and influences others. The excellent focus of this particular interview with Prof. Dershowitz proves out that Hewitt has the moxie to cut through the bull. Why does he not apply that same moxie to the exposition of the Gospel when it comes up? He's like the Batman villain Two Face -- Harvey Dent. He's capable of doing the right thing, but it seems like whether that happens or not depends on a daily coin-toss.