[#] It's all about me

I just got a couple of e-mails tonight from various parties who shall remain nameless, and they shared some things with me -- two of them indirectly, one directly because of a question I asked him -- which are plausible enough that they deserve some consideration. I consider the people that I have heard this from friends, though for the invasively-curious I can assure you it was not Phil, Daniel, James, Pecadillo, JIBBS, Gummby or Cubby.

The topic is the blog, specifically its author. The advice/observation is that I am too much of a controversialist, and it hurts my credibility as an apologist and as a Christian.

Now, if that's true, asking the question(s) I'm going to ask can look like I'm trolling for a fight, so if you think this is just me throwing bottles of beer out of a truck window at bikers, don't bother to give your opinion.

I'd like to know if my long-time readers think the blog has taken a nasty turn, and if so what are the current topics that make it so. Special note: I already know how you feel about the Santa topic, which is why I stopped blogging about it. There have been almost 100 posts since the last Santa post, so let's deal with today, shall we?

Thanks. I really am interested in your opinion.