[*] ecosystem dirty laundry

I'm worn out over the revised TTLB ranking system for at least 3 reasons:

(1) Somehow the group blog at PyroManiacs hasn't registered yet even though it is getting twice as many unique visits a day as this blog is -- and that's pretty good.

(2) Somehow Technorati thinks I have 175 inbound links and TTLB think I have 145. Call the accountants, blast you! I don't care if it's tax time -- someone must get the stats right!

(3) The inscrutable Discoshaman at Le Sabot Post-Moderne is somehow ranked in the top 50 blogs in the TTLB -- and it's an empty blog! You can't even find the archives! ow can it be that an EMPTY BLOG is rated higher than aomin.org or triablogue or ... or ... or ... ME?!

Where is justice?! Where is the level playing field?! Where's Ken Starr or Janet Reno when you really need them?!?