[%] I have to stop now

Except for the last part of the "nutter" series, this will be my last post about Hugh Hewitt. I promise.

Read this, and then ask yourself if this is the same guy who called Mohammed "the Prophet".

It's too much. I'll become a crank if I ... I mean, I know I'm a crank ... if I keep reading things Hewitt writes, I'm going to keep blogging about them, and because so much of what he says is available via his blog and radioblogger, there will be no end to the blogging. Much more interesting subjects like baptism and the church and the Gospel will suffer.

So Hugh: if you're reading, you win. I can't keep following every randy move you make, so I'm going to go bother someone who I can count on to be the same from one day to the next. Go with God: Inshallah.

(note: let's see if blogging "inshallah" increases web traffic hits ...)