[?] Odds and Ends [updated]

Doxo admits that his button-building skills are impaired, so for his sake and the sake of any other Rule 40 miscreants, I am providing this little web-standard button:

It's tiny, and you can link directly to my server if you want to. You can also copy it to your hard drive and host it yourself. It's totally open-source. So if you get added to Rule 40, wear the badge with pride. You earned it, I am sure.

UPDATED: you won't believe this, but BHT has gone from having 40 rules to having no rules. The rules page link is dead. See: I don't see that as an actual change in policy -- I see that as an admission that there were actually no rules to start with and now because their hypocrisy has seen the light of day, it has to be done away with.

Congrats to the iMonk and his monk-ees for finally realizing that the only rule they really have is "because I said so".