[#] Yes, I know

The blog has been almost completely useless and silent over the last 5 days. You're bored with me. Well, as I pointed out already, I have a sort of "debate" going on with Antonio the free grace blogger (which is already interesting, if you ask me, in spite of all the worry over whether we understand the rules), and I also have my day job which is none of your business.

But I do have some interesting listening for you if you are just looking to whittle away the time today. The first is Leland Ryken on "literal" Bible translations; the next is Wayne Grudem on plenary inspiration and what that means regarding translation methods; the last is an exerpt from Dr. Al Mohler's radio show. I found all of these via the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

I'm sure I have other things to blog about, but I am swamped this week. Enjoy these smart people while you are waiting for the other things that usually get done around here.