[%] Adrian Warnock

Here's a sad but true fact: I am linked on Adrian Warnock's blog.

Now, why is that "sad but true"? Because that link has generated all of ONE hit to my blog! ONE HIT! I would have missed it if I hadn't been combing out the site meter this evening.

Phil Johnson is much more productive, uh, I mean, I truly value Phil's friendship and I am grateful for the kind attention he gives this blog. It makes me think a Warnie isn't all it's cracked up to be. I crave it less now, anyway.

UPDATED 9/29: Apparently, somebody gave Adrian a word of knowledge about my analysis of what turning up on his front page did to my hits, and he then pleaded with his readers to redeem his status as senior statesman in the blogospere by clicking through, essentially to tell me "Adrian Warnock sent me".

Well, it worked (somewhat). Since his post, we have 9 hits to the blog from his site. So you have something to compare that to, PyroManiac produced almost 40 in the same period of time.

And in the final account, 9 hits is 9 hits. JIBBS didn't produce 9 hits yesterday, and he's my sidekick.