[?] Complaints about the music

First of all, there is nothing wrong with my theme song. Any more complaints about "the music" and I'll set it on max volume, auto play, eternal loop with NO CONTROL FEATURE. (yeah, right: I'm a stats junkie. If I did that my stats would fall harder than a pentecostal for a word of prophecy. I won't do that)

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with my theme music, and it is was set up NOT to play unless you press the play button in the sidebar. This QuickTime plugin works on 5 different test platforms that I beta this site on, so if you are getting music when you load this page you either need to update your QT plugin or your browser or both. I have tested on IE 5 (mac and pc), IE 6 (pc), and Firefox (Win2000 and Win98). If you don't like it, press the stop button. It's that simple.

OK, OK. Sheesh. I'll kill the theme music tomorrow. I killed the theme music. You people: live a little.