[?] Because Phil Requested them:

The survey summary. I can't believe that only 30 people participated.

1. And how did you find "...and his ministers a flame of fire" today?      
  Response Percent Response Total
Another blog's blog roll   44.80% 13
centuri0n's comments on another blog   3.40% 1
search engine   3.40% 1
You're bookmarked, dude   41.40% 12
"next blog" button   0% 0
Other (please specify)   6.90% 2
    Total Respondents 29
    (skipped this question) 1
2. How many blog entries did you read today?      
  Response Percent Response Total
Only the top entry   30% 9
More than one   53.30% 16
Other (please specify)   16.70% 5
    Total Respondents 30
    (skipped this question) 0
3. What time of day did you visit? (your local time)      
  Response Percent Response Total
Before 9 AM   10% 3
9 AM - Noon   30% 9
Noon - 1 PM   3.30% 1
1 PM - 5 PM   16.70% 5
5 PM - 7 PM   13.30% 4
After 7 PM   16.70% 5
When I should have been sleeping   10% 3
    Total Respondents 30
    (skipped this question) 0
4. And did you enjoy your visit?      
  Response Percent Response Total
I enjoyed it a lot   26.70% 8
I enjoyed it   56.70% 17
eh -- it's a blog. I was bored anyway.   13.30% 4
I did not enjoy it   3.30% 1
I hated it   0% 0
    Total Respondents 30
    (skipped this question) 0
5. Do you have a blog?      
  Response Percent Response Total
Yes   83.30% 25
No   16.70% 5
    Total Respondents 30
    (skipped this question) 0
6. What would it take for you to link to this blog?      
  Response Percent Response Total
I am already linked   46.20% 12
You would have to bribe me   23.10% 6
Better content   0% 0
Less Theology   0% 0
More Theology   3.80% 1
Less antics   0% 0
More Antics   0% 0
Other (please specify)   26.90% 7
    Total Respondents 26
    (skipped this question) 4
  1 You to link to mine  
  2 hell would have to freeze over  
  3 I'd have to read more...and I will  
  4 A Word from the Lord - and I'm cessationist. Ha! I'm considering it. Killing the music would help.  
  5 I don't have a blog yet  
  6 I'm considering it, but I've already got a couple in this genre. (Challies, Pyro). I still may.  
  7 a round tuit  
7. Anything you want to add? It would be cool if you told me where you were viewing the blog from.      
    Total Respondents 27
    (skipped this question) 3
To protect the unsuspecting, names, e-mails and web addys have been suppressed
  1 I apprecite your clarity even though I often disagree with what you are saying. I appreciate your charity and tone amidst heavy issues. [name] [user]@[addy].com http://[blog].com FWIW, I think you may be a little shortsighted in your analysis of Wilson's Homosexual comments.
  2 I have been scoping around the web try to find some ideas for my own blog, I found you via Pyro the blog king. I think that I will come back, I don't like to link someone before I have observed their sight for a little bit. I would hate to misguide one of
  3 I am viewing your blog from a secret location known only to the Holy Father and the President of the United States
  4 Anything to add? Sure, just add water? Okay, I'm in Ontario Canada. :-)
  5 California
  6 I'm viewing it from Dixie Headquarters.
  7 The graphical prowess stuns the mind!
  8 Thanks, and I'm in Northern California. [name] www.[web].net
  9 I am viewing your blog from beautiful Valencia California. [name]
  10 Ponca City, OK
  11 I am in Winnipeg Canada.
  12 Knock off the eye-brow thing. My wife thinks it's cute.
  13 Texas
  14 CENTURION! -[channel rat] Marietta, GA
  15 I enjoy it depending on what you have posted, but for the most part it's pretty sweet.
  16 We view from Southern California -- eastern end of L.A. County. Just a question (or, perhaps, an invitation): Will you be attending the 2006 Shepherds' Conference at Grace Community Church? We would love to see you there.
  17 Viewed from home. Originally found through CARM. Keep it up, you're one of the smarter guys I've ever "met" on the net.
  18 I'm viewing the blog from my 19" ViewSonic monitor. Tell you what. I will link you on my blogroll if you send me an email in the next 30 minutes acknowledging that you know who this is...[it was Challies -- no mercy on the cruel]
  19 Hello! I'm from IL, but schools in CA. I feel like I should have linked you long ago but never got around to it. Nice blog.
  20 I really enjoy your site, although I have not been able to comment. (My browser has some issue with the javascript comment button.) I also appreciate your insights in the comments of other blogs. I come from a pretty lax Evangelical church background and
  21 Viewing from Winston-Salem, NC.
  22 Cent... I enjoy your blog very much, and the way it makes me think about the issues you are presenting. Thanks. One thing I would recommend (and I know this is difficult in a theological blog such as yours) is to be a bit more brief in the discussions you are presenting, and then if you prefer to link to a longer discussion that would be good. But all in all - I appreciate your blog! Thanks
  23 Long time reader of your blog, and close friend of your sidekick, JIBBS. I am here on the Web--* http://[blogger].blogspot.com/ I am here on Earth--*http://maps.google.com/maps?oi=map&q=[map coords]
  24 You know where I am. You've mailed me stuff. I just want to know to what links you are willing to go to move up in the ecosystem. *joke*
  25 I'm viewing this blog from sunny Southern California. This is [Mrs. Tom Cruise] by the way. [personal banter supressed]
  26 I generally read this blog during my slow moments at work, and I work for the LCMS (which, if you are monitoring where people come from, will likely explain the hits you may get from lcms.org - in case you thought maybe I was part of PP's gaggle of follows or something). Work and home are in the St. Louis, Missouri area.
  27 This is cent taking his own survey.[narcissism not supressed]