[$] Turns out it's the Japanese

I wake up this morning and come on-line to check Drudge, and I find a link to this story (sorry about the popups it triggers), which leads me to this web site, and finally this web site.

Let me just say that I'm glad somebody is taking this situation seriously. Since Mulder and Scully got out of this line of work, there hasn't been any real effort to maintain a body of information about stuff like this. you'd think the Government would have some interest in this stuff, but of course all they care about is the war in Iraq.

BTW, if the Yakuza is making Hurricanes come ashore wherever and whenever they want, why not destroy a city that "matters" like LA, NYC or DC? It seems to me that their goals would be met in a more substantial way by destroying a larger "player" in the national picture than New Orleans or Galveston.

Also BTW, I don't have the joke tags working yet, so you're going to have to muddle through this post on your own.