[@] Baptism & Fellowship (addendum)

After stewing on the baptism posts for a weekend without really blogging, I have to ask: why did no one bring up the fact that faith is not transferrable? See: the biggest loophole in the paedobaptism argument is that the parent's confession of faith is enough to bring the child into the church -- and there is a pretty large problem with that assertion: the faith of the parent is not "enough" to bring salvation to any child. For example, there are no Israelites who were saved by Abraham's faith: there are only those who are counted inside Israel because they have the same faith as Abraham. We gentiles are ones such as those.

In that, baptism is a sign of faith. In the end, I have to admit that I am not comfortable allowing the door to the visible church to be wider than the door to the invisible church.

So for those who didn't have their eyes roll up in their heads over the baptism discussion, that's where I'm at. If you have something more to add, you can add it here.