[#] For those who "next blogged" ..

... and found yourself here, let me say a few things to you. The rest of you go find something else to do for a minute.
  • You might be wondering, "why is this blog not about minute-to-minute updates about the hellish nightmare going on at the bottom of the Mississippi river? Does this man not care? Yes, I care. Click the link at the top of my sidebar if you want to help in a way that matters.

  • So why not do more than that? Dude: you're the one playing "next blog". I've been fundraising for charities on the ground actively and passively for 4 days now, and I've done more than ask for support.

  • Who cares that I had lunch with Phil Johnson? Well, the regular readers of this blog! It's been long anticipated, and it was part of a very extensive plot to get Phil out of jury duty and help his innocent wife get a few minutes with her parents in my neck of the woods. It worked out pretty good, and I wanted to let some folks know.

All of a sudden, blogger's "next blog" button has taken note of this p[articular blog, and I wanted you folks who dropped in unexpectedly to have some point of reference for the rest of the content.

Blog on.