[?] I have a few items this morning

  1. ITEM: I'll be having lunch with Phil Johnson and his lovely wife this morning. That sounds like broken English, but they are passing through before noon. Given the big events of the day, it seems a little petty to ask for prayer that my wife will come with us to lunch, but she's a little tense about leaving our new PT helper in the store alone for an hour. Pray for safe travel for the Johnsons, too, since you have a minute.

  2. ITEM: Because I am certain everything he writes is true, and it is such great stuff about the beast called "Retail", I am linking to C-Train. Even if this stuff turns out to be fiction, it's worth reading for a laugh.

  3. ITEM: "FLOOD AID" and "HURRICANE KATRINA". You already have my short list of viable service entities to which you ought to contribute (and my sermon on doing so), but TTLB and other demiblog giants have united to make a list of recommended relief organizations they recommend. This blog is linked there; I've made my donation cash donation. What are you wanting for -- raised letter stationery to invite you to the party?

  4. ITEM: Sydney Blumenthal proves that you can say anything you want as long as you blame it on President Bush sending troops into Iraq.

  5. ITEM: Where's Pat Robertson when you need him?

  6. ITEM: Has anyone else noticed that Drudge has practically ceded all his story-gathering to BreitBart.com?

That may be all you get today, so do yourself a favor and get back to work before your boss sees you reading a controversial Calvinist baptist apologetics blog.