[$] All we got was a little rain

For those who are reviewing the RSS feed for comments on this blog, you'll find that Dave Armstrong is, apparently, offering an olive branch.

I'm in a bit of a muddle here. Click here to take a survey to help me unmuddle myself.

After reading up on SurveyMonkey, it does cookie you, but only to stop you from taking the survey twice. It doesn't collect personal information. Please take this survey as it will determine the content of the blog for the foreseeable future.

The survey closes Wednesday, 9/28. Thanks for your help.

UPDATE 9/25: The early voting has "don't ban" out in front of "ban". Let's see what Monday brings ...

UPDATE 9/26: Apparently, my wager to Armstrong regarding a Sonic gift card has created a furor amongst the anathemacious, and now the banners lead the non-banners. There is also a ridiculously-low voting sample at this point, so if you're reading you should vote. I will post the final tally on this matter after the voting closes on Wednesday at 5 PM.

UPDATE 9/27(6 AM): The overnight voting has left "no ban" out in front, but honestly only about 10% of the visitors to the site are voting. This isn't a repulic, readers: this is raw, mob-driven democracy. for the system to work all you have to do is click thru and place a single vote.

UPDATE 9/27 (3 PM): "NO BAN" is securing a comfy lead. Voting closes tomorrow.

UPDATE 9/28 (9 AM): "NO BAN" is extending its lead. Voting closes today at 5 PM ET.

UPDATE 9/28 (5 PM ET): The Survey is CLOSED. Thank You!