[?] Ban Armstrong? *SURVEY RESULTS*

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Overall, 60% of our faithful readers voted against banning Armstrong, which is amazing becuase only 16% voted against surveys on the blog. I have no statistical analysis of what the margin of error was, so we'll just go with it.

More to the point, 76% of you voted against continuing to argue with Armstrong, so we will let him fume over on his blog (or here in the comments, since he is not banned) over the fact that 3/4th of you would rather discuss the FSM or the media's inability to collect fact when their cellphones go down than read about why Dave Armstrong is wrong.

Suits me fine. There are reasons I like you all so well, and this is one of them.

No more surveys for a while, though: we have a lot of topics to finish up and the blog gets boring when the same post sits at the top of the list for a week.