[*] Challies: persona non grata

Until further notice, as a demerit for his taunting me with links on his blog, I have struck Challies from the blog roll. He will stay that way through the next TTLB update in order to get that one-link demerit against his good ecosystem status.

Those of you who are reading should consider that we lower-level life forms on the TTLB ecosystem ought to demonstrate some solidarity when it comes to guys like this playing cheaply with our loyalty and emotions. I'm not saying anyone should update their blog links so as to reduce Challies to a Large Mammal or perhaps even a Marsupial of some type, but ... well ... yes I am saying that. It may not even matter in the big picture, but, like the SBC boycott of Disney, it's the principle of the thing.

Fooey on Challies. FWIW, I have offered up a lowly insignificant microbe with which to replace him for his time in purgatory if you check the sidebar. RightFaith is currently #4100 in the blogdom of God and he deserves the attention -- even if only for a week.