[#] Chuck Colson

No, I am not a fan of Chuck Colson. Sorry. He is grossly ecumenical, and seeks to reduce the Gospel to its lowest-common-denominator rather than to seek its highest earthly expression, and in that I think he is problematic as a conservative Christian representitive. I do not think he is a hypocrite or a shyster.

I am also not a great fan of his daily broadcast/e-mail "BreakPoint", which frequently substitutes hysteria for theology and political philosophy.

However, this one deserves to be read. The 15-year ministry of Mo Leverett and his wife to the poorest of the poor directly speaks against all the criticisms of the (political and religious) left wing talking heads.

I also recommend this link specifically about Mo Leverett's ministry.

Equip yourself. Luck favors the prepared, dahling.