[%] Against the charge of being 'unmutual'

The Pedantic Protestant is having a hard time finding a girlfriend, and he's taking his frustrations out on me -- for being ranked above him in the TTLB ecosystem. To help him along -- and to boost him above me in net links, I have provided a few links here to promote the spirit of mutualism (whatever that means -- I think it is a non-layer method of solving Rubik's Cube):

Pedantic Protestant demonstrates that he doesn't understand the category differences between atheist objectivism and Christian human dignity

Pedantic Protestant slays 1000 men with the jawbone of an ass

Pendantic Protestant demonstrates he has too much time on his hands

Pedantic Protestant does not have a sidekick

If I could have come up with a 5th link, I would have called this post "5 reasons I feel sorry for Time Enloe the Pedantic Protestant", but then I would have taken the joke too far. As it is, I am sure I have just upped the ante for future good-natured ribaldry between PP and myself.