[#] Evangelical Co-Belligerants: who is who?

OK: BEFORE we do the stuff which Steve and his sidekick JD may or may not respond to, the BEST part of yesterday's "Justice Sunday II" was this report fromthe Swift Report. Sources close to the Devil say that his appearance at the event was prompted by a much simpler reason: the prominent place of sodomy on the evening’s agenda.


Ok. Anyway.

I was reading then news about yesterday's Justice Sunday II, and one particular news item caught my eye. It seems that there were Christians who were actually opposed to what was happening in Nashville, a group called Faith Voices for the Common Good.

For those not familiar with Faith Voices, here's their mission statement:
Faith Voices serves its diverse member organizations by enhancing community interconnections. We are the exclusive provider of the powerful new technology, Synanim, a dialogic, collaborative internet technology that enables large numbers to create consensus.

Through our unique technologies and services, we help our membership contribute to the renewal of American democratic life.

Strengthen Organizations

* Encourage dialogue and synthesize consensus among members
* Coordinate event planning and information sharing among members
* Deliver a unique fundraising method that broadly enfranchises donors

Engender Ideas and Leadership

* Spark new thinking about values, religion, and public policy
* Broaden the public role of theological schools and religious scholars
* Prepare emerging religious and activist leaders
Apparently, they are religious activists, too -- but of a stripe from which Steve and Jonathan (and me) would distance themselves. Now here's the question:

Why is what Faith Voices doing wrong and what JSII ECBs doing right?

I look forward to the answers from our theonomist brothers in Christ.