[?] A Nickle Bag

I have this friend who owns a secular bookstore in upstate NY, and he sent me this e-mail today:
Have you ever noticed that wacky conspiracy theories are presented in rhetorical questions?
Do you think it's time I came up with a new one?

Have you actually been to Louisiana in the last day or two?
Have you seen the hurricane?
So how do you KNOW that there's really a bad storm down there?
Isn't it strange that the authorities are herding people into the Superdome for shelter?
(Aren't these the same "authorities" that were deployed in Florida on Election Day 2000?)
Isn't it stranger still that the Superdome doesn't have any windows?
As for us, who aren't in the area, can we really believe the corporate-owned media in its coverage?

You think maybe that this so-called hurricane will drive up oil and gas prices?
Just whose buddies will benefit from that?

Don't you just know that Karl Rove is behind all this?
On my way home I'm buying canned goods, bullets and liquor.