[$] Proof that I am a sinner

Like you needed proof, I am sure. However, I have this obsession with stats -- that is, where do I rank? Who's better than me? Who am I better than? Am I popular? Am I despised? So I am a member of the Blogdom of God, and in its ranks in the TTLB ecosystem, I found this:

To keep things in perspective, there are more than 3200 blog which get more links and views than my page does in this ranking system. And the blog rank in the "bigger picture" of the whole TTLB ecosystem is that we're like #8100 out of more than 30,000 blogs. Slithering reptile indeed.

The point, however, after all qualifications, is that somehow communio snactorum does not have the same statistical rank as we do. I know it's hard to believe -- I know it cannot be true that more people link to my blog and more people actually view my blog than the reformedCatholics can muster -- but there it is. Somehow a view which takes the Bible at face value, admits to having a tradition that is subject to reform by Scripture, and addresses issues in the regular world of books and events (as opposed to the Medieval world of books and events) has more relevence than the collective fire power of that particular battle station.

It must be the end-times for Evangelidom. It's just not fair.