[?] Good News/Bad News

GOOD NEWS: Blogger has made a tool that allows you to publisher from WORD to BLOGGER without cutting and pasting or actually knowing much about HTML at all. It's a good idea, and it is seems to be relatively bug-free.

BAD NEWS: It also seems rather feature-free. For example, when I hit [ENTER] twice in the BLOOGER edit window, I get a nice break between paragraphs. When I do that in my WORD file and upload it, WORD changes what OUGHT TO BE a <P> tag and changes it to a <BR> tag, thus not giving me the paragraph break I want. It also doesn't use the style sheet I built for my blog, and I can't hand-code the tags from WORD becuase they turn into text rather than tags in the final publishing step.

So word to BLOGGER: wildly-great idea that needs some work. It will help the noobs a lot more than it will help the crusty old HTML geeks like me.