[*] How many PBS Documentaries does it take ...

... to change a lightbulb?

This new book, based on the PBS documentary of the same name, covers a lot of ground regarding a problem that everyone can recognize but no one seems to want to fix: people graduate from college in the U.S. who don't seem to have an education in either the classical sense or the practical sense.

I'm recommending this book to read as a counter-example of how to analyse and solve problems. If you're a person who wants to see what the problems are with higher education in the U.S., you can read this book and see exactly what is wrong -- but not becuase this book is insightful. You can read this book as an example of how the navel-gazing of academia will never find solutions for anything because it has stopped being about reason and evidence and started being about hypotheses and ideological models.

BTW, how many PBS documentaries does it take to change a lightbulb? The question in moot -- PBS documentaries have never changed anything because they are more concerned with who saw the lightbulb go out and what kind of lighting fixture it is than with screwing out the old and screwing in the new.