[$] Man, that site meter counter is cool!

I'd like to say "hi!" to the readers in:
Marysville, WA
Nampa, ID
Sacramento, CA
San Gabriel, CA
Casa Grande, AZ
Abilene, TX
Oklahoma City, OK
Little Rock, AR
Granite Falls, MN
Kansas City, MO
Nashville, TN
Marietta, GA
Fairfax, VA
Hatfield, PA
the Burg!, PA!
Danbury, CT

That's crazy, isn't it? Get these:
Nothingham, UK (how kind of you to join us!)
Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany (nett, Sie, Freund zu sehen)
Perth, Australia (good on ya mate! Thanks for poppin' in!)

Now I'll lose my job just keeping up with who my visitors are.