[*] This is not comedy: this is life

I'm minding my own business at lunch, reading Drudge for headline news because I'm too stupid to "get" how to read other blog'd news sources, and I find This bit of feature news from the L.A Times.

Here's the real stunner, buried down far enough that you might not catch it:
[Snoop Dogg], whose real name is Calvin Broadus, also has deep roots in youth football. He remembers the life lessons he learned while playing for the Long Beach Poly Junior Jackrabbits.

"It taught me how to work with other kids," he says, "how to have a relationship, how to learn. My coach taught me about religion as well as football, about keeping God in everything we did." (emph. added)
You all read my blogging about Christian hero Bono, right? I'm waiting for somebody to start calling Snoop Dogg a Christian hero. Who's got that kind of moxie?

Hey Snoop: care to tell us where God is in you CD Doggystyle? Anyone?