[?] You MSIE users ... MESHUGANA!

Last night, the beloved and highly-esteemed Phil Johnson commented
Yeah, you've definitely got a better blogheader than the PP. I like the splash of color on the latest edition.

The right column is still messing up in IE, though.
Phil Johnson | Homepage | 08.22.05 - 5:30 pm | #
Now, because Phil is a Pastor, and due double honor and all that, I am not going to point out that I warned all the MSIE users a long time ago that they were going to have problems rendering this blog, and that they could get a browser for free that would give them better web browsing results not just for us but for all men. Instead, out of deference to a greater man who is almost single-handedly responsible for the popularity of my blog in the first place, I spent my morning mucking up the blogger template so that MSIE users -- who, like lemmings, still comprise 66% of all visitors -- get almost exactly what they ought to be seeing and my sidebar doesn't drop down to the footer of the page. I can't make the post subject lines render in all-caps in Arial Black in MSIE. I have tried everything, and IE 6.X just won't do it. Sorry 'bout that.

For my brethren Firefox users, I am sorry that you have to suffer with the aesthetically-obscene gap between the sidebar and the date headers. If I close it up, MSIE luddites can't see my sidebar except as a hanging chad at the bottom of the blog. Believe me: as soon as we get a critical mass of 51% of all hits from Firefox, life will be better. It's hard being trailblazers. Think of this as your sacrificial love for those less fortunate than yourselves.