[#] An interesting turn from the Rooster

I link to all the people I link to for a reason. I link to Brian Mattson (the Banty Rooster) for the reason that he's a bright guy who is honest -- even if I disagree with him now and again. Honesty is a HUGE virtue in discussing matters that matter.

This weekend, after spending the last two weeks telling Ann Coulter to "shut up", among other things (btw, his reasons for doing so were also pretty sound), about John Roberts' nomination to SCOTUS, the Rooster made a pretty dramatic turnaround and thinks anyone with a conservative bent should call your senator and voice your concerns over this nomination.

I'm with him, in case you couldn't tell. This appointment will be the most enduring piece of Bush-II's legacy, and it cannot be a mistake. Read the Rooster's logic, decide for yourself, and take action if yopu think it is appropriate.

When you call, btw, remember the Gospel. Speak the truth in love; use gentleness and reverence.