I'm not going to blog on this woman because she has already said more than is necessary. Besides, EVERYONE ELSE ON EARTH WHO BLOGS IN ENGLISH has already said something about this woman.

Cindy Sheehan's son was killed in Iraq as a soldier for the US Army. You can Google her name and his name (Casey Sheehan) if you're interested in the over-1.8 million hits available on this subject.

UPDATED: look -- one of the things that offends me about this whole topic is that this woman did actually lose her son in a war, so without any regard as to how she personally is acting right now, she deserves some space and some grace, right?

Well, what do you do with someone to whom you are trying to give some space and some grace who takes a step-and-a-half toward you every time you take one step back? For example, if I wanted to grieve froma family member I had lost, I'd go and grieve -- and if the press was hounding me for a story, I'd send them away. That's the grief process handled "healthy", for lack of a better term: not dragging others into your emotional distress but gaining comfort from reaching acceptance.

For those of you who don't have the facts about this, the Wikipedia article is frankly the baseline reading. One of the really stunning things about this story is that Mrs. Sheehan has already had a personal meeting with President Bush, about 2 months after her son was killed, and you can read about her feelings after that meeting in this Vacaville Report feature piece.

In fact, you ought to do so for your own sake -- to see the kind of event that is being staged in Crawford clearly.

OK. That's all I'm going to say. Really.