[$] a study in classical toadyism

Those of you who are #proapologian deizens are well acquainted with my ability to toady-up when necessary. Little did you know that it extends beyond the IRC realm and into the Blogosphere as well.

My kids are away with their grandparents for the rest of the week, so my wife and I can do some grown-up things together -- like watch movies and eat popcorn. I was jonesing to see Sky High, but I also did not want to leave the house, really, so we rented two movies and popped a back of microwave corn last night and watched Napoleon Dynamite and Hitch.

If you value 82 minutes of your life, avoid Napoleon Dynamite at all costs.

On the other hand, we greatly enjoyed Hitch. This is not a movie review, tho': it's toadying up. About halfway through the movie, there was this scene:

And suddenly I realised that I had seen the woman on the left before. She claims to be "Amber Valletta". However, her ruse was transparent to me. I am certain that she is a certain blogger who's website generates up to 55,000 hits per day, and she's not even talking about anything in particular:

'Amber Valletta'

Dooce, aka 'Heather Armstrong'

Now we can all be jealous of Dooce not just because she's got blogging stats that most of us would threaten church unity over, but she also has a career as a famous actress that she doesn't even let on about.

Props to Chuck.