[#] MEGA SHIFT: Lots and Lots and LOTS of stuff

So I promised 4 parts on Mega Shift by James Rutz, and I have furnished two good parts and owe you two more. But I have a problem, and I’m going to explain it by way of an anecdote.

My wife and I read books all the time – we own a bookstore, and that’s one of the perks. Lots of books. She usually has one in process and I usually have 2 or 3 in process that we are reviewing for content for the store, or reviewing to give the Banty Rooster or some other blogorific sparring partner a hard time, or maybe just reading for a kick.

In the last two weeks, the only book I have been reading is Mega Shift. Last night while I took my family to the pool of Siloam (not that one but this one), I brought Mega Shift with me because I am marking it up pretty significantly. My wife noticed this and asked me why I was spending so much time on this book – because most books I can plow through in about 4 hours and have a decent grasp of its most salient points.

“I’m still reading it,” I told her, “because it is such a disaster. Just when I think I have the worst of it tackled, I find something else that isn’t right.”

“So throw it away,” she says helpfully – because she is intentionally-ignorant of the blog, not wanting to know about cyberspace except eBay and e-mail. She doesn’t understand I have people counting on me to finish this book and finish blogging about it.

So I can’t just “throw it away”. I have Postit notes on almost every page of this book, and I’m at the place where I’m trying to cull the concerns into categories so I can demonstrate the worst examples and keep the next 2 blog entries about this book under 6 pages each. Believe me: if we cataloged all the problems with this book, it would be another book.

If my weekend goes as planned, I may get the next part up by Monday. If I spend time with my family instead, which would be the right thing to do, we’ll see when the next part gets up. Thanks for your patience, and before I forget:


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