[*] Um, Rule of Law anyone?

Pat Robertson.

Thank you and good night.

UPDATED: If we accept the assertion that Pat Roberston just said the dumbest thing in his career of saying dumb things that make Christians look like pitchfork-carrying villagers, and we are pleased to see the White House distance itself from Robertson's uber-gaff, what about the Venezuelan retort that Robertson's comments are tantamount to international terrorism?

I have a couple of things to say about that:

(1) Pat Robertson doesn't bankroll training bases for christian jihadists, so his stupid, ill-considered remarks are only hot air: he has no way to make his weird bloody dreams into reality.

(2) Robertson also is actively being denounced by our government and, if you stroll the blogosphere, his fellow Christians for his murderous edict. That's a different kettle of fish than when Al-Zaqari calls for the death of American citizens on Al-Gezira and Muslims across the Middle East have parties to endorse his murderous edict.

That's all I could come up with before I had to leave today. Pat Robertson is a sick old man who needs some help, and I denounce his view, reject his call to action, and condemn it on the basis of the Gospel.

Anyone else?