[*] Mega Shift: in the break room?

This wasn't part of my intended series on Mega Shift, but I was at the soda machine in the break room, and one of the guys who is my peer stops me and asks me if I'm selling this book at my bookstore.

Now this is a guy who is relatively-grounded in his view of the church, though I wouldn't call his theology high-octane. In any case, I started to give him my outline regarding why this book is a bad idea, and he looked like I hit him with a brick. He said to me, "I just want to make sure that if God is moving, I'm a part of it."

Holy Mackerel, readers. I used to think that the Evangelical church was not unsalvagable. Now I'm not so sure. If a guy like that -- who has been in church leadership, btw, for a decade of more -- cannot see the fatal flaws in this book, we have a worse problem than anyone I have read has assessed.

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