[*] Why not more poetry?

I was sitting in my kitchen this morning reading Roger Ebert's review of the Dukes of Hazzard, and I thought to myself, "why doesn't my blog have more poetry on it? Why's it got to be all about 'theology' and 'mocking silly people' and 'where am I in the TTLB ecosystem'? Many blogs have poetry. Mine should have some poetry.

I have a very simple explanation: here. That's not my poetry, but it is representative of the kinds of poetry available in cyberspace. If my poetry is any good, it doesn't belong next to stuff like that. The last line on that web page is the kicker:
*STOP* The rest of this poem is not for public access *STOP*

Yes, please: stop. See: if my poetry is like this one, I should just show some restraint and not give the public any access to it -- not just the part that's "too personal" or whatever. Be grateful that this is not a blog about poetry. The world actually needs fewer blogs about poetry.