[%] Head Rush: off the cuff

I was checking my blog links today (and you can, too -- and I recommend all of them, even the bad ones), and found the Banty Rooster hyping a monologue by Rush Limbaugh from 8/15/05. One of the meatier sections to whet your appetite:
The people of this country, the people who make this country work differ from you in tremendous ways. They are religious. They are God-fearing. They respect values and morality. They know what's right and they know what's wrong, and they do their best to abide. You are offended by all that, claiming they don't have the right to make such decisions, while you sit around and make no decisions whatsoever because you're willing to totally put your life in the hands of some liberal politician and that will take you off the hook for having to make any decision about your life or anybody else's. Well, that's not how the country works. This country works on the basis of an educated and informed public seeking excellence in their own lives to whatever degree they wish it. People pursuing life the best they can, using freedom, God-given freedom -- and for you to call here and to come up with something as irrelevant as to say this war is not worth it because the president's kids aren't there or because nobody from Washington's kids are there doesn't say a thing about the war effort, doesn't say one thing about it, doesn't make it noble, doesn't make it ignoble, doesn't make it anything, because the war is taking place. Whether you agree with the fact that it's going on or not, we all have come to the decision that it's best that we win it. You haven't even joined us on that. You hope we lose it. You want to lose it because you want to embarrass the leaders of the country. What must your lives be like?
And that wasn't scripted -- as far as I know or as far as I have been able to discover. I kinda got sick of Rush about 6 or 7 year ago, but this monologue tells us something about him. It tells us that Rush really believes this stuff.

What someone should do is compare this dissertation to any dissertation of equal length that was not scripted that has been tossed out there by someone from Air America or anyone else from the Left. Compare it in tone and in substance; compare it line by line.