[!] More on the work

More from Brad Williams:
Imagine yourself getting the call to evacuate. You, like myself, would probably get as much as you could pack into a couple of bags and head for a relatives house, thinking to return in a week or so. Except imagine that you have no nearby relatives, or no means of getting to them.

Here you are, plopped down with your wife and children in the midst of hundreds of strangers, sleeping on a concrete floor. Such a scene should arouse the compassions of the basest pagan in the world. How then ought the children of God react?

The indignity of it is pitiful. Last night, a man tried to pay us for a pillow for his daughter. They had been plucked off of a roof. We didn't want or need the money, and he knew it. But I could see clearly that he was trying desperately to hang on to the one thing he had left: some shred of pride and decency. No, I'm not talking about a works oriented, sinful pride. I'm talking about a man who did not wish to be viewed as a bum. I'm talking about a man who, after he had lost everything, still wanted to provide something for his family.
It makes apologetics look a little stupid, doesn't it? I know something about Brad -- and I am CERTAIN he didn't make this fellow feel like a bum. But whatever this anonymous victim of the flood had, he should not have to trade dignity for a pillow for his daughter.

The link is at the top of the sidebar: use it to help the people on the ground as you think is best to help someone right now so that we are not forcing people to trade dignity for a pillow to sleep on or a bite of food.